Community Impact

Forthright Financial Planning was founded with the intent of improving the lives of those in it's community, not just by providing financial advice but also by providing time and energy to those in need. This passion for the greater good remains a core principle for the firm and many of the clients in which we serve.

Whether it is through wealth, knowledge, or time our staff  strives to enhance the lives of those around us.  Through various roles, our staff has contributed to a variety of philanthropic endeavors. Below are a just a few of the contributions made from the individuals at this firm. Please feel free inquire about any of our contributions, we would enjoy sharing our experiences.

Chad Henry spends time and has spent time as a volunteer youth baseball, wrestling, football and softball coach. Most recently he has organized a youth Pop Warner football and cheerleading league in his Genoa Community,offering many children the opportunity to be involved. Besides athletic volunteering, Chad  is more than willing to donate time, services, or financial contributions to local charities, such as the Pediatric Cancer Advocacy and Research Foundation, The Jason Mckie Foundation, Prevent Child Abuse America, Cal's Angels and Brett's Run.

Lisa Hardy stays active volunteering at her children's school and is very active with numerous organizations in her community.

Tiffany Wiegartz volunteers at her children's schools, serves as an active member of the PTO and always lends a helping hand to a plethora of good causes.

MaryAnn Henry is very active as a volunteer youth cheerleading and softball coach. She is involved at the local elementary school as a parent volunteer. She enjoys donating time and supporting various local charities.

Troy Oates is very active within his church. He also is a youth athletics coach, contributing his knowledge and time to youth football and baseball. Troy also enjoys fundraising in the community for local charities.