Our Specialized Process


We take a multifaceted approach that incorporates several investment philosophies using technical driven research, while focusing on the individual needs of our clients.  We will cover at a high level some of the main components of our process and the personalized service we bring to our loyal clients.

1.  Maintaining cash positions or highly liquid assets to enable us to deploy funds when markets dip.  We watch for technical indicators that signal buy or sell signs and couple that information with the individual clients’ goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon to determine the appropriate amount of cash to maintain in each account.

2.  Develop a plan and rebalance that plan on a regular basis.  It is crucial to buy low and sell high, however; many investors may lack the discipline or plan to implement the strategy of buying low and selling high.  By developing a diverse asset allocation strategy and rebalancing to the plan on a regular basis can help the investor to buy low and sell high.  Asset allocation does not guarantee against loss or ensure a profit.  It is a method used to help manage risk.

3.  Investments need to be purchased with an exit strategy.  We enter many individual stock positions with a strategy that incorporates market research and utilizes the consensus fair market value price as a guide to an exit strategy.

4.  Develop investment income strategies for those in retirement.  We work hard to design a custom withdrawal stream for clients that takes into consideration the clients’ needs and risk tolerance coupled with inflation, longevity, taxes, health care considerations, and a plethora of other issues facing today's retiree. 

     "Retirement can be the most expensive decision a client is ever going to make, and so it is important to really understand how much it is going to cost.  We need to factor in inflation, taxation, longesvity, health care costs, long term care costs, and so many other variables when building a clients plan that encompasses their goals, risk tolerance and time horizon."  Chad Henry